Sep 11, 2014

i love you and i want to be next to you and be around you and just exist in something as wonderful as your presence but you’re so far away and i can’t
nothing works right and it’s all so confusing so i try not to think about it but never think that i don’t think about you because i do every day it just gets too much sometimes
these things are easier in summer but the nights are coming earlier and i’m getting more tired and longing to collapse into someone’s arms and that someone is always you, it can’t be anyone other than you, so it can’t be anyone at all

Jul 27, 2014

hello introspection blog it’s been a while

i read through all of bekn’s wordpress this evening and it got me on a real sincerity vibe. usually i’m all about Keeping It Real which to me feels more immature, more inherently joyful, whereas Sincerity is poignant, melancholic at times. bekn is all about Sincerity while i recently discovered the virtues of Keeping It Real. we like to say he is the evolved form of me.

i evolved this evening reading about the last year of my bandmate and best friend and sensei’s life. wept slightly, not from sadness, just emotion. any emotion, all of them at once, who knows. and then i became fiercely contemplative. i think i’ve grown out of this mood because i wrote a sentence about romance and then thought “oh shut up” and typed this instead which shows i’m not very introspective any more because i can see myself from the outside and i can see that what i was going to say was silly.

i’m drinking diet coke because i like the taste and because i like to imagine people reading my tweets and thinking “oh that fearghal, he loves to drink diet coke, i want to kiss him” it is a part of my Vibe. my friends are comparing themselves to various soft drinks and it’s putting me back in a goofy mood. i’m a big goof really. maybe i didn’t evolve after all

i’m feeling romantic again

of course i am

May 20, 2014


i do a lot of worrying. about my friends, myself, the consequences of my actions. often when i’ve been wildly optimistic the sudden crash into anxiety is much more debilitating and suddenly i am paralysed with confusion and the overriding desire to just fix everything
how i wish i could fix everything
address the balance against the people i love who get fucked over by reality again and again, getting dealt a worse hand than they deserve, and i think “give it to me lay it all on me i will suffer for you” and i feel guilty because i am often powerless. and of course i worry more.
before this i was wildly optimistic and now i’m crawling into bed upset and downtrodden.

May 16, 2014


i am alone
usually i don’t mind that so much but this is an aching loneliness
i want to be with someone else and make them happy, someone new and exciting
it’s been a long time since i’ve been excited by other people
i’m sad and don’t want to talk about it but here i am

Apr 27, 2014

last night was bad but now i’m better. not entirely better, i’d still say i was pretty firmly in an unhappy place but i’m not getting suicidal urges tonight which is an improvement. it’s strange how the urges to reach out and connect and distract myself clash with the urges to stay alone. i don’t want to inflict myself on other people when i have nothing but unhappiness to contribute, but if i keep to myself i get wound up in my own head. the whole thing’s a mess really. i’m slightly better though. not sure if this will drop back down again. hopefully it won’t, i have a drama exam soon and i’d rather not be flat and depressed for that.

this has become less of a detached apathy blog and more of just straight up sad which is fitting considering my mood. the apathy blogging seems to be a performance, a piece which i write, not fiction but in some ways a story, whereas these posts are just “i’m sad”. once my mood picks up i imagine i’ll emotionally step back again and it’ll all be very tao lin/bekn dignum. but for now

Apr 26, 2014

this is the unhappiest I have been for a very long time. everything is a spiral of paranoia, resentment and despair. in short, not fun. i don’t feel trusted or loved in fact i am overcome with a sensation that everyone has used a chrome extension to silence me and what i do because they don’t care. i am shouting into my own void endlessly. my neutral mood is usually somewhat upbeat but now i am settled in a deep apathy that has black tendrils wriggling downwards through frustration into anger. i’d almost forgotten what it felt like to feel properly Depressed, and it’s just as shit as i remember. not suicidal yet although that doubtless will creep up on me until i can’t leave my bed. this is not a good time. i hope you’re well though

Apr 22, 2014

the line between selfishness to save your happiness and selflessness to drain it

Apr 22, 2014

been a while since i’ve blogged apathetically

tomorrow will be the first time in ten days that i’ll be alone. i’ve had the offer to see my friends but i don’t think i’ll go. i’m a very solitary person sometimes and my bones are aching for the chance to be by myself.

don’t get me wrong i’ve loved having people around but it’s been a long time since i’ve curled up in bed alone with an energy drink and some crisps and a film, and that was a comforting part of my life.

i’ve worked hard and been happy over this period of time but now i need to retreat into the dark cocoon and shut the curtains. i can feel constant itchings in my head 

Apr 9, 2014

detached apathy blog #whatever

tonight i am chunks of rotting meat sewn together with threads of paranoia

i’m finding it hard to say more. the last few days were good but tonight hasn’t been. my default state has fallen to a dull sense of anger and unhappiness, an undercurrent of worry that before long everything will fall apart and crush me. i wouldn’t like that

i’m listening to spiderland by slint for the second ever time. it suits my mood, i recommend it.

i wish i could draw. at times like this the urge to create can’t come out so it turns sour and inward and corrodes me until i have a blinding headache behind my eyelids and my fingers are twitching so fast i can’t see them. i am a hummingbird flying into the sun

Apr 8, 2014

it feels like someone’s burned a hole in my throat. it hurts to swallow. i get this every once in a while it’s nothing to worry about, probably. i’d like to be healthy but i spend too much time in bed so i’ll just drink smoothies and pretend that works. it doesn’t work.

people on the internet irritate me a lot but it’s alright it’s probably my problem rather than theirs. i’m just bitter. i like being alone sometimes but eventually i’d drive myself insane.

detached apathy blogging is kinda fun. it’s going to be summer soon. i’m excited to make a playlist

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