Apr 9, 2014

detached apathy blog #whatever

tonight i am chunks of rotting meat sewn together with threads of paranoia

i’m finding it hard to say more. the last few days were good but tonight hasn’t been. my default state has fallen to a dull sense of anger and unhappiness, an undercurrent of worry that before long everything will fall apart and crush me. i wouldn’t like that

i’m listening to spiderland by slint for the second ever time. it suits my mood, i recommend it.

i wish i could draw. at times like this the urge to create can’t come out so it turns sour and inward and corrodes me until i have a blinding headache behind my eyelids and my fingers are twitching so fast i can’t see them. i am a hummingbird flying into the sun

Apr 8, 2014

it feels like someone’s burned a hole in my throat. it hurts to swallow. i get this every once in a while it’s nothing to worry about, probably. i’d like to be healthy but i spend too much time in bed so i’ll just drink smoothies and pretend that works. it doesn’t work.

people on the internet irritate me a lot but it’s alright it’s probably my problem rather than theirs. i’m just bitter. i like being alone sometimes but eventually i’d drive myself insane.

detached apathy blogging is kinda fun. it’s going to be summer soon. i’m excited to make a playlist

Apr 7, 2014

i’m writing again. will i do this daily?? that remains to be seen. i’m not sure if i feel strongly enough to write anything compelling in any way. i’m having an okay night though. came home early from school and torrential rain started when i got in. i briefly changed everything about my life in that i decided to start drinking water all the time. i listened to skrillex and watched the rain with an ice cold bottle of water and it was nice. as soon as i have money i’ll buy a horrible energy drink because i don’t care about my life and thats probably fine. 

i’m in bed. tired, somewhat feeling out of place, like things aren’t quite fitting together. hard to describe. i thought i’d written some beautiful music and i announced an EP then i listened back and it was boring. the EP is cancelled

i don’t know enough about stars

Apr 7, 2014

i’m listening to the theme from metal gear solid 3 and i feel far better. i think in general i’m in what could be called a Good Place. the idea of killing myself seems utterly ridiculous, which is a good sign. last night david sedaris talked about his sister’s suicide and i realised for the first time in a long enough while that i didn’t want that. i’m gonna live, which is good. i’m cautiously optimistic for the rest of reality.

i just like writing and creating. it feels good to have a dedicated outlet for this sort of thing. doing it on my main tumblr felt obnoxious, like i was subjecting people to myself when they probably only followed me out of vague social obligation. here we all are now contemplating my life.

i think i’ve decided on what i want to do with my life, at least in an academic sense. i’d like to be an actor. so i’ll pursue that through school and maybe the whole music thing will take off as well. in an ideal world. while i may be happy a lot more recently if i know one thing it’s that the world is never ideal.

i want to write a play. an incredibly pretentious one starring a thinly veiled version of myself as the handsome artistic charming lead character. patrick something. something like my surname. who romances his way through everyone he meets and at the end realises the meaning of something. or perhaps the futility of it. i’ll work out the details later

Apr 6, 2014

i guess this is where i write

like, yknow, blog posts or whatever

i’m feeling an especially long-form brand of sadness right now and it deserves something isolated, away from the weird aesthetics i’m into on my tumblr tumblr. i suppose this is a personal blog?? as close as i’ll get to one. i’ve had personals in the past where i put things i couldn’t say to anyone and then rapidly deleted them after convincing myself it didn’t matter, but this time i have nothing to hide, so i’ll ramble about my confusion here in the semi-open.

bekn is doing a similar thing right now. his wordpress posts are strangely enjoyable in that it’s nice to feel closer to a good friend of mine even though much of what he writes is tinged with a detached kind of melancholy. i suppose i identify (with chandler ding ha ha)

tonight felt odd. i was overcome by paranoia and looked at myself in the mirror thinking of things that i want to block out from my mind forever and saw that there were the beginnings of tears in my eyes. it was strange. i never cry. and now i feel incredibly cut off, or at least that i’d like to be. i don’t like knowing people. 

i want to cut my hair

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